About us

Emerging is essentially a team of women and men united by a common belief:

A country’s wealth is measured by the education of its youth.

Together, they have chosen to share their energy and experience in order to offer a common vision of their profession:

Education and supporting young graduates have become the main challenges for companies in today’s world.

Companies’ involvement must be apparent prior to recruitment; bridges must be built during studies, and even earlier in order help young people build their professional projects.

Sandrine BELLOC

In charge of coordination, development and marketing for the Global Employability University Ranking.

With more than 20 years’ experience in managing international projects, consulting and public relations, Sandrine is in charge of developing the activities of numerous institutions, companies and start-ups in France. As a specialist in negotiation, she initiates and implements partnership agreements between companies and higher education institutions. She also advises companies in developing their employer brand.


In charge of strategic support, research and creating decision-making tools.


A specialist in training, research and soft-skills problem-solving, Laurent has carried out numerous international studies at the Paris Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CCIP) and support programs for both associative and public structures in need of induction. As associate director of the 4ICOM firm/practice and as a Managing Director of the French Chamber of Commerce in Portugal and the UK, he has put in place graduate training on sales and intercultural management.



All our consultants have proven experience in their profession, are known in their fields and are known for their passion for sharing. Coming from the business world, they have all held operational and managerial roles. It is this diversity of know-how, combined with their differences, that allows us to accompany our clients in succeeding in their projects.

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