Working with Companies

Identify, attract and retain talented young people: our approach to meeting the challenge of recruiting young graduates.

Classic tools for assessing and selecting young graduates only partially meet companies’ needs.

It is more appropriate to put in place beforehand actions that allow for differentiation, which provide complementary solutions

to institutions and attract new generations of students.

Advice on how to choose and/or diversify recruitment sources

Diversity of teams is a source of innovation.

  • Surveys and in-house diagnostics for targeting profiles more effectively and selecting institutions to be approached in France and abroad

  • University and education references

  • Good practice benchmarks, and connecting people

  • Tools for promoting training programs chosen by organizations

  • An exceptional in-house portfolio of data and trend analysis: The “Global University Employability Ranking and Survey”

Actions for getting closer to students :

Outreaching increases the appeal your company to young graduates and allows the links between employer brand and recruitment to be fully optimized.

  • Providing information on companies, their activities and their assets in an original and motivating way, on widely available topics.

  • Setting up innovative operations aimed as much at creating a large community of interest on a campus, as assisting students in advance in building their professional projects.

  • Introducing progressively into the training program modules designed to enhance students’ employability, essentially softs skills

  • Articulating actions around the learning of know-how, individually or collectively, through experiencing real-life situations.

Accompany the integration of all young people, whether graduates or non-graduates, on to their first career path

First key step of employer/employee relationship.

  • Setting up a support program for interns and part-time students towards pre-recruitment

  • Building personalized projects for strengthening operational skills, relational facility, adaptability and motivation of your young talented people

  • Development of specific, outsourceable tools, integrated or not into a program, within the domain of training young people with a strong potential, especially in soft skills

  • Training managers on how to coach young graduates and prepare teams


  • Monitoring and loyalty/retention of young talent with a direct and quantifiable return on identification (ROI)

  • An economical approach to all your targeted schools

  • Tools for monitoring and measuring performance & ROI

  • An ongoing work on your company’s branding

  • Better preparation of young people entering the job market, making them more motivated and successful in their career paths.

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