The optimization of integration programs is articulated around a comprehensive and customized program. It includes support on arrival, an integration seminar, monitoring, a one year check-up, and specific communication tools.

Optimization of internships

  • Select potential candidates based on occupational and behavioral qualitative criteria and prepare their internships

  • Follow the intern during his/her time in the company, notably by assessing soft skills

  • Accompany the implementation of a recruitment process for those identified (capture them and retain them)

Integration of young talent

  • Integration is key to recruitment success

  • Programs take place half way between joining and training

  • Companies present themselves, their strategy, culture and values which govern their functioning

  • They meet numerous objectives for companies:

    1. Increase motivation of new joiners and encourage them want to stay

    2. Optimize the chances of transforming these recruitments into success stories

    3. Accompany young employees up to their internal mobilization

    4. Develop employer branding, communication and internal networks

The arrival of a new employee in a company is a key moment where one must:

 • teach him/her the company’s values and usual practices

 • teach him/her the knowledge and

know-how required

 • integrate him/her into a team,

with the dual objective of achieving

both efficiency and loyalty

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