Promoting employer branding

Emerging seeks to innovate constantly in the setting up of these operations designed for each individual institution. They aim as much at creating a large community of interests on a campus, as assisting students in advance in building their professional project. They are articulated around the learning of know-how, individually or collectively, through experiencing real-life situations (challenges, scholarships, multi-disciplinary projects…), on widely available topics.  


These are aimed at showcasing companies, their subsidiaries, activities and careers for students in order to reassure and motivate candidates. Employer Branding is communicated to an audience that is both wide yet targeted.

Site visits

Not many students have visited companies, and yet this is an excellent way to gain valuable insight into the corporate world. Emerging encourages this by organizing site visits preceded by conferences and/or recruitment workshops, allowing CVs of interest to be selected.

Animation of ambassador community

83% of recruiters consider EB* as

a defining criterium in their

recruitment policy

  • 91% will maintain or increase their investments on their EB

  • Only 54% have implemented a pro-active strategy in terms of EB

  • And only 38% measure their EB compared to their competitors

* Employer Branding

Source LinkedIn Global Recruiting Trends Survey July 2012

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