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In a competitive environment increasingly impacted by the globalization of the higher education market and the digitalization of the global economy, what strategy should universities adopt to meet the demands of the market in a sustainable way? How can higher education institutions improve their brand’s attractiveness among recruiters and students, affirm their leadership and find their unique position in the market - considering their specific strengths and weaknesses? And how to measure, monitor and evaluate this performance?

Emerging has been producing the Global Employability Survey and Ranking since 2010 and collected the feedback of over 20,000 top recruiters in more than 22 countries on over 6,000 institutions regarding the employability of their graduates. This research work aggregating 10 years of data and 1 million university evaluations is a unique and very powerful source of information providing guidance for experts and professionals in Higher Education.

Emerging has now decided to go one step further in helping universities to bridge the gap between Higher Education and Employment. To help us in that direction, we recruited two established experts:

  • Caroline Depierre has been for over 10 years a Research Director in the executive board of Trendence, a leading research agency specializing in international employer branding. She is an expert in designing and operating large-scale research projects for major brands. Her focus lies on developing concepts and methods to turn data into actionable insights for employers and universities.

  • Thomas Vié works in analytics since 1999. First as C.T.O. of several data oriented companies, then C.E.O. of an Email Service provider located in Argentina. His focus is now on the technical side of data expertise, visualization and analysis, using the newest algorithms and tools to extract useful sense from raw material.

Using the dashboard, each university can:

  • analyze and benchmark its position in the global market and anticipate demand and supply developments with indicators over time

  • define its KPI's in its own economic, geographic and competitive environment

  • identify good practices

  • drive change and assist decision making with specific recommendations

  • monitor and evaluate the effectiveness (ROI) of its actions and services offered in relation to the objectives

We are constantly developing the solution. Our vision is to create a point of exchange between universities, employers and students.

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